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Abraham Medical Cosmetics Offers Cosmetic Injectable Services Including Botox® and Dysport®

Dr Ben Abraham - Snellville GAAbraham Medical Cosmetics works in both the general health and cosmetic realms of medical care. Because we’re focused on providing overall harmony between the mind, body, and soul, we understand the importance that overall health as well as physical beauty can play in making a patient feel healthy in every aspect. This is why, along with our family medicine practice, we also offer cosmetic skin treatments.

One of the most popular cosmetic services we offer is facial injectables. As we age, our bodies often do not mirror the vigor for life that we may still possess facial skin loses elasticity as collagen degrades with  the effects of time, gravity, and sun exposure. Fortunately, dermal fillers like Botox®, Dysport®, Restylane®, and Radiesse® can help patients combat the signs of aging and look as good as they feel.

Botox® and Dysport® work to relax the muscles that can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Made from different strains of purified Botulinum, these two injectables smooth wrinkles and temporarily prevent further demarcations by blocking the transmitter from traveling from the nerves to the muscles that contribute to a wrinkle-inducing expression. By disallowing the transmitter, the muscle contractions between the eyebrows and along the forehead are softened and the wrinkles are smoothed. Most often performed for forehead lines and brow furrows, Botox® and Dysport® can also be used for crow’s feet and frown lines that show up between the eyes. The FDA has also approved the use of Botox® to curb excessive sweating and for the treatment of migraine headaches.

Restylane® is a facial filler that helps restore volume to areas of the face that have thinned over time. Along with a decrease in the elasticity of our skin as we age, areas that were once full and youthful can often deflate taking away the plumpness associated with healthy skin. Restylane® can refill wrinkles as well as the areas of lost volume that may cause wrinkles including around the eyes for crow’s feet, around the mouth for marionette lines and drooping mouth corners, as well as in the hands to combat the thinning skin that gives away age. Because it is a filler product made from the naturally occurring non-animal hyaluronic acid, Restylane® can also be used to sculpt and plump the lips and cheeks for added volume and fullness.

Radiesse® is similar to Restylane® in that it is meant to restore areas of lost volume and smooth wrinkles. Radiesse® contains calcium hydroxylapatatite in hyaluronic gel, which means that while it contains the same acid as Restylane®, it also holds the added benefit of helping the skin to create more of the elasticity-building protein collagen on its own. It can be used around the mouth for marionette lines, around the nose, and for lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Radiesse® can also be used to help refill depressed scars with results lasting up to a year.

Facial fillers and dermal injectables like these are excellent solutions for patients who do not want to partake in more invasive procedures like plastic surgery, but would like to eliminate signs of aging like wrinkles and lost volume.

For more information on these cosmetic treatments or our expertly trained cosmetic service providers, schedule a consultation or contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.

Study Reveals Increased Importance of Drug Interaction Analysis in Senior Care

Growing older is never a simple journey. While retirement offers many opportunities for excitement and relaxation, some aspects of aging can be unfamiliar and a little intimidating. Senior medical care can be one of those daunting elements. With new drugs on the market every day, it can be difficult to know the effects that each new medicine has on your body and whether those drugs interact negatively with each other.

For instance, a recent study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society concluded that a certain class of drugs that encourage anticholinergic activity, or restriction of smooth muscle movement, can have negative effects on individuals age 65 or older. Anticholinergic medications include both prescription and over-the-counter medications used for everything from Parkinson’s disease to asthma and COPD.

Patient reactions can include the normal side effects like dry mouth and lethargy. However, the new study indicates that this class of medications can also lead to cognitive decline in older adults. While these findings aren’t currently linked to the onset of dementia, the results of the study suggest clinicians should be careful in prescribing multiple medications with anticholinergic effects to elderly patients.

Fortunately, one of the many services offered by the Abraham Medical team for geriatric patients includes potential drugs’ adverse effects. The analysis includes examination of your senior care plan including the current medications and treatments you are receiving and how to manage your healthcare needs. Dr. Ben Abraham and his staff of caring providers ensure the combination of drugs you may be taking do not interfere with each other or with your overall wellbeing. By viewing your medical history, the doctors at Abraham Medical can identify gaps in your current care plan and make certain they are remedied.

Dr. Ben Abraham’s background in osteopathic medicine allows him to provide premier patient care by fusing the best of both medical and alternative therapies to maximize your results. Osteopathic medicine emphasizes the mind-body connection and recognizes the body’s ability to heal itself. Paired with the best advances in modern medicine, Dr. Abraham’s approach covers all the bases in your healthcare plan.

Other geriatric services offered include arthritis and osteoarthritis treatments and pain management analysis. Dr. Abraham and his staff of providers work though all aspects of your life (i.e. diet, exercise, mental healthcare, and medical therapies) to improve your overall wellbeing.

Contact us for more information about our geriatric or other family medicine services.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment: Unwanted Hair and Spider Veins Gone with a Flash of Light?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) uses technology similar to lasers to improve the skin’s condition. IPL produces a high intensity beam of light that is then converted to heat energy to eliminate unwanted areas of skin or hair by causing the body’s natural healing processes to take over and produce new, undamaged cells. By targeting the lower layers of the dermis, instead of the surface skin, IPL produces the hair removal results and skin rejuvenation patients desire without the recovery time associated with more intense light therapies like lasers. However, even though laser skin treatments and IPL procedures are performed for similar reasons, there are technical differences between the two techniques that are important for patients to understand.

Intense pulsed light is not the same as a laser skin treatment in that lasers emit a single wavelength of light while IPL emits a larger spectrum of light. A broad-spectrum light is applied to the area of treatment with a hand-held wand-like application device, and emits light through the layers of the skin to the deepest layer (dermis) or to the targeted area (like a hair follicle) to treat the unwanted condition(s) whether it be hair or visible veins. Continue reading

Abraham’s Wrinkle Free Wednesdays

Beginning September 14th, 2011, take some time to relax and treat yourself to Abraham Medical Cosmetics’ wrinkle-reducing treatments.

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