Abraham Medical Cosmetics Announces Wrinkle Free Wednesday

Abraham Medical CosmeticsAbraham Medical Cosmetics is pleased to announce our newest addition to the calendar: Wrinkle Free Wednesdays. Beginning September 14, we’ll be offering two great deals: a free skin care analysis and glycolic peel ($150 value) with the purchase of one Neocutis product or a free Neocutis cleanser with the purchase of two Neocutis products.

A skin care analysis is performed by one of our licensed estheticians and helps to determine which treatments and products will best benefit your skin type and tone. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, our skin care analysis will determine the most effective skin care plan for your situation.

Glycolic peels can help remove blemishes (acne management) and brighten and renew skin. By targeting the deeper layers of tissue to encourage collagen production and removing the outer, dead layers of skin, a glycolic peel stimulates cell restoration revealing fresh, glowing skin.

Neocutis bio-restorative skin creams, cleansers, and serums help reduce fine lines by removing impurities and encouraging skin cell growth. With ingredients like “Processed Skin Cell Proteins” or PSP®, Neocutis can help smooth skin texture and improve skin tone.

Many factors can make you look older including sun exposure, gravity, and time. Whether you’re trying to eliminate your signs of aging or prevent them later in life, Wrinkle Free Wednesday has a package for you.

Contact us for more information on Wrinkle Free Wednesdays or to RSVP. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to follow us for news and updates.

Abraham Medical Cosmetics Special on Zerona® Fat & Cellulite Reduction

Now through August 31, Abraham Medical Cosmetics is offering a steal on Zerona® fat and cellulite reduction treatments: $500 off Zerona® fat & cellulite reduction treatment ($1800) including FREE Curva ™ supplements and a 15 minute table massage. A non-surgical, FDA approved laser fat reduction treatment, Zerona® uses the body’s natural processes to shrink hips, buttocks, arms, back, and other areas of unwanted fat. Curva ™ is a natural oral supplement that enhances Zerona® results and includes Ginkgo Biloba, Niacin, Green Tea Extract, and L-Carnitine to help optimize your results.

To schedule your appointment or for more information on our cosmetic services, contact us or visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news, updates, and more specials information.

What is prescription contraindication and ADR?

abraham medical cosmeticsMany medications can have adverse effects on elderly patients. While these drugs are relatively predictable in younger populations, those 65 and older can experience different or more intense reactions and side effects. Another contributing factor to adverse drug reactions (ADR) is the number of different medications that are often prescribed in combination to the elderly.

While some drugs produce adverse drug effects on their own, some medications produce contraindication when taken with other drugs. Contraindication is a health factor that renders a specific treatment, medication, or procedure inadvisable. While contraindication on its own sounds fairly basic—people with allergic reactions to certain drugs shouldn’t take those drugs and people with certain medical conditions can’t have certain treatments that put them at risk—not many people are aware that contraindication often occurs unnoticed in the elderly until irreparable harm has been done.

Elderly individuals make up about 12% of the nation’s population, and yet they consume 32% of medications prescribed in America (National Center for Biotechnology Information). Doctors often prescribe many drugs to individuals over 65 in order to treat the ailments that come with growing older as well as any preexisting conditions. However, doctors can sometimes prescribe overlapping medications that perform the same tasks, medications that interact with each other, or medications not suited for those over 65 without knowing it. This can even be the case when individuals take over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements. Continue reading

Presidential Hopeful’s Medical Condition Sheds Light on Migraine Prevention and Treatment

abraham family medicine snellville gaRecent news reports about politician Michele Bachmann’s migraines have brought an often forgotten health issue to the forefront of many American’s minds (no pun intended). However, with nearly 30 million Americans suffering from migraines, it’s a more common condition than many believe. While each individual’s personal struggle with this type of headache differs, migraines can often be a debilitating and very painful acute medical condition for those who experience them.

Migraines are often a misunderstood condition. People sometimes believe that migraine sufferers are exaggerating their symptoms because they are believed to be similar to regular headaches. Much more painful than normal headaches, Continue reading

Abraham Medical Welcomes New Physician Assistant

Neil Bronaugh, PA-C joins the Abraham Medical team from Tucker, Georgia. Bronaugh received his license as a physician assistant from the University of Kentucky. Following his education, Neil went on to assist the doctors of Nicholasville Medical Center in Kentucky for several years.  He also holds NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants) Certification and is an active member of AAPA (American Academy of Physician Assistants) and GAPA (Georgia Association of Physician Assistants).

He brings a thorough understanding of patient care and diagnostic testing to assist Abraham Medical’s primary care patients in communicating with their physician in formulating an optimal plan of care. Bronaugh plans to contribute his expertise in aiding the Abraham Medical providers with primary care services such as: comprehensive physical exams, preventive medical screenings, and radiofrequency surgery.

To learn more about the physicians and providers at Abraham Medical, visit our website and continue to read our blog.