Ready for a Fall Makeover? Join Abraham Medical Cosmetics for Makeover Mania!

Do your cosmetics highlight your flawsabraham medical cosmetics instead of hiding them? Is your skin sensitive to makeups? Does your makeup fail at covering up your acne, rosacea, or wrinkles? Jane Iredale® cosmetics are the perfect solution to your makeup woes.

Abraham Medical Cosmetics will host Makeover Mania on Wednesday, October 26 featuring Jane Iredale ® mineral makeup. For those who register in advance, we’ll be performing makeovers with Jane Iredale® cosmetics, and a representative from the brand will be here to explain the benefits and hand out free samples. We’ll also have coupons available for $200 off Zerona fat reduction treatments at $50 off Botox®, Radiesse®, and Restylane® dermal injectables.

Jane Iredale® mineral makeup is perfect for all skin types—oily, aging, dry, rosacea-prone, etc. If you want to conceal it, Jane Iredale® cosmetics are for you. Mineral makeups from Jane Iredale® have been sensitivity tested and have virtually no allergy risk. They are non-comedogenic and won’t block pores while providing SPF 30, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection from sun damage.

We are also offering a $200 off coupon for Zerona fat and cellulite reduction. Using a cold laser technology, Zerona emulsifies subcutaneous fat cells so the fat leaves the cells creating a smoother, tighter silhouette.

Also available for Makeover Mania attendees is a $50 off coupon for Botox® Cosmetic dermal injectable and Radiesse® and/or Restylane® facial fillers. Botox® works to reduce wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in the forehead and eyebrows that cause furrows and lines, while Radiesse® and Restylane® are facial fillers that fill areas of lost volume around the nose and mouth.

Join us for a makeover event to top them all—a mania! Register for a Jane Iredale® cosmetics makeover by calling Abraham Medical Cosmetics at (770) 978-1161. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all our latest news and events.

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