Vein Removal Treatments at Abraham Medical Cosmetics

abraham medical cosmeticsVisible veins on the face can be embarrassing and annoying, but are also a tell-tale sign of aging. Caused by a back-up of blood in the capillaries, visible veins like spider veins most often appear on the face around the nose and cheeks.

Abraham Medical Cosmetics offers two solutions for vein removal: Syneron® laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) vein removal technologies.

Syneron® laser vein removal works by focusing laser light to target the specific pigment of veins. During treatment, the laser emits a single wavelength that breaks up the vein, allowing it to be absorbed by the immune system. Because small visible facial veins do not function correctly as normal veins do, there is generally no harm in erasing them through laser vein removal.

Additionally, our laser applicator features on-contact cooling to keep you comfortable and safe. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology works similarly to laser vein removal, except IPL utilizes multiple wavelengths of light directed toward the vein’s pigment to penetrate deeper into the skin, heating the vein to a point where it is destroyed and allowing the body to eliminate visible veins. Depending on the treatment area, most patients see full results within two to four IPL treatments.

Both IPL and laser vein removal treatments can be effective for different skin tones and types in eliminating the visible veins that appear on all areas of the face.  Both treatments leave the surrounding tissue and veins untouched. While new spider veins may appear over time, the eliminated veins will not return after the course of treatments. Vein removal with laser and IPL technologies is generally quick and manageable: most patients describe the sensation to that of being snapped with a rubber band, though numbing cream is available to minimize any discomfort.

For more information on Syneron® and IPL vein removal technologies or to schedule a consultation at our Snellville, GA office, contact us. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter with regular news and updates.


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