You Asked, We Answered: Your Questions about Chemical Peels

How Does a Chemical Peel Benefit My Skin?

Chemical peels use specific acidic combinations to help smooth your facial skin and even out its tone and texture. During the treatment, a compound is applied to the facial skin and left on for a predetermined amount of time. The chemicals penetrate the skin and lift the dead external layer of skin while boosting collagen production in the deeper dermal layers.

After the treatment, the skin begins to slough the damaged outer layer of skin, hence the name “peel.” A chemical peel can eliminate signs of aging like fine lines, sun spots, and acne scarring. Each peel is customized for each patient’s skin type and skin condition(s).

How long does a chemical peel treatment last?

Most treatments last from 30 minutes to an hour allowing many patients to schedule their treatments during their lunch breaks and return to work afterward.

Is there any downtime with a chemical peel?
Depending on the strength of the peel applied, you may notice skin redness and irritation. However these side effects should subside by the day after treatment. The dead and damaged outer layers of skin will begin to peel soon afterward. These minor side effects generally do not impede everyday activities, and most patients return to their routines immediately.

Which peel will give me the best results?

During a consultation, one of our Snellville skin treatment providers will take your skin type and any skin conditions into consideration and determine the best chemical peel to achieve your desired cosmetic goals. Whether you’re looking to eliminate the signs of aging, reduce facial scarring associated with acne, or reduce sun spots, we have a chemical peel that suits your needs and can rejuvenate your look.

For more information on chemical peels, other cosmetic treatments like hair removal and fat reduction, or to schedule your consultation, contact us. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to follow us to stay up to date on our events and news!

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