Zerona Fat Reduction Helps Atlanta Mom Lose 42 Pounds

When I walked into Abraham Medical Cosmetics in Snellville, GA (outside of Atlanta) in April of 2011, I was feeling defeated.  I was sick, my husband was sick, and my toddler was sick.  But beyond the sinus infections that wouldn’t go away, I was just worn out.  I had no energy, no drive, no stamina and very little joy.  I weighed 181 pounds, and I hated my body.  Every time I tried to exercise I was completely discouraged by the bouncing of all those extra pounds.  The most active date my husband and I had gone on in years was to play putt-putt.  Whenever my toddler asked me to play the answer was almost always “sorry honey, Mama is sick right now.”

Dr. Ben Abraham’s medical staff saw my family, prescribed medications, and we were about to go on our way, when I saw an ad for Zerona®.  I had seen it a few times before and just figured it wasn’t for me.  But this time, for some reason, I asked about it. The response was immediate.  Three different nurses at Dr. Abraham’s office had done the treatment and were willing to tell me how wonderful it was.  Their stories impacted me much more than a testimonial would from some random person.

Susan was very straight with me, stating that Zerona® wasn’t a magic wand. However, she said if I did my part and stuck to the exercise and nutrition protocol, the treatment would help me a lot.  Understanding the importance of eating well with fat reduction treatments, she said it would give me a kick start to a better shape, and then, I could do the rest.

And do you know what?  She was right.

I am writing this in December of 2011 after having lost 42 pounds.  I did quite a bit of work to get here.  I changed some long standing eating habits that were doing a lot of damage to my system, added moderate exercise to my regular routine, and learned how to say no to foods that I just didn’t need. The best part is that in the mean time I found a fun, active hobby and a reward all wrapped up into one:  ice skating.

In my mind, the key to making a long standing change in your life is to make it fun.  Find a way to reward yourself that contributes to your continued well-being.  Skating 5 hours a week IS a work out, but it is NOT work.  It is what I do for fun!  And I’ve dragged my whole family into this new, healthy lifestyle with me.  My husband and I have a regular date night where we skate together. In fact, my husband has lost 35 pounds and counting, just by following the same protocol as me!

From April to August—in just under 6 months we went from putt-putt to ice-skating.  I’ve gotten my life back, breathed new life into my family, and learned how to play again! Zerona® is what helped me get started.  Thank you to Susan and Stephanie and all the providers at Abraham Medical Cosmetics.

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